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By Gregory Smith

Most armed robberies involve pointing a gun, this one is a little different…

CORPUS CHRISTI – Corpus Christi PD’s gang unit is searching for two black males who robbed a young man at the corner of Holly and Weber Thursday afternoon.

The victim said at least two men were in a white foreign-made car that pulled up to him at the intersection.

One of the men pulled out a gun, removed the magazine to prove it was loaded, and demanded the victim’s shoes.

No one was hurt.

The gunman reportedly has a red horseshoe tattoo on his neck.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS.

Now imagine if the good guy has a gun. You’re pointing a gun at me, I can’t do anything, you remove the magazine, now I have a chance to pull out my gun and shoot you.

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Via:: Selling the Second Amendment

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