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By Jacki Billings

Adding a small tweak to your AIWB rig like a wedge, left, or claw, right, can elevate your concealment. (Photo: Jacki Billings/
Appendix inside-the-waistband carry is enjoying a bit of popularity recently as more gun owners turn to the carry method to conceal their gun. With wearer’s sporting their pistol front and center, how do AIWB’ers prevent printing and stealthily hide their gun? The secret is in the claw or wedge.
The Wedge
Usually constructed from some sort of closed cell foam, the wedge gains its unique powers from its ability to be match to what the user needs. Added to the holster, the wedge is placed so that it conforms to the individual’s body shape. Once in place using either glue or Velcro, depending on the set-up, a wedge pushes against the wearer’s body to naturally angle the muzzle of the gun out and, in turn, cause the butt of the gun to rest inward towards the body.
The author created her own wedge design using a gel shoe insert and Velcro. (Photo: Jacki Billings/
Though consumers can purchase aftermarket wedge kits, usually retailing for under $10, another perk to the wedge is that its inexpensive to make if DIY is your calling. Using


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