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By Johannes Paulsen

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In response to Nick’s recent post about a negligent discharge by one of the civilians openly carrying an AR 15-style rifle to protect a military recruitment center, a commenter named Paul posted the following (slightly edited), beginning with a quote from an earlier comment:

“…[L]ast I checked, fundamental rights aren’t subject to capability tests.”

What other “fundamental rights” involve the capacity to kill lots of things quickly? . . .

Right to self-determination
Right to liberty
Right to due process of law
Right to freedom of movement
Right to freedom of thought
Right to freedom of religion
Right to freedom of expression
Right to peacefully assemble
Right to freedom of association

I can understand the concern that any capability test can be abused to make sure the “wrong” people (i.e. the ones the powers-that-be don’t like) are denied access. But when you eliminate any requirement to demonstrate capability for responsible behaviour with equipment that can cause maiming or death, you wind up with armed morons like this guy and thousands more.

That’s why the handling of any other potentially lethal tools/equipment from cars, through heavy equipment, to explosives and many others require training and licensing. Sure you still get thousands killed in car …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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