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By Bob Owens

Pierre Loury

Pierre Loury was a gang-banging thug brought up in a culture where gang life is accepted, killed by a cop in Chicago. But we have a “gun problem,” right?

Alexis Myers and Jeremy Gorner have taken the time to delve into the short and violent life of Pierre Loury, a 16-year-old gang-banger in Chicago who was shot and killed after allegedly pointing a gun at a Chicago police officer.

Pierre Loury talked about going to college and becoming an engineer, yet he skipped classes for nearly a year in high school.

He encouraged his little brother to stay in sports and out of gangs, yet he claimed to have joined the New Breeds around the age of 10.

He spent hours recording rap music in a converted bedroom closet, but toward the end of his short life his Facebook postings show him posing with guns, cash and drugs and talking of chasing rival dealers off his block.

Still, his family and friends never imagined he would die in an alley not far from his home at age 16, shot and killed by a Chicago police officer last month after allegedly threatening him with a gun.

“He was becoming a man,” said his stepfather, Vantrease …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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