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By Bob Owens


The mainstream media’s coverage of firearms in society is a blend of abject ignorance, irrational hatred, and a stunning degree of intentional deception.

There were “400 or so mass shootings” in the United States 2015, according to Ahson Saeed Hasan, a Washington, D.C. based journalist, in a recent op-ed. Other news outlets cite nearly identical figures to claim that the number of mass shootings is skyrocketing.

They are all lying.

More precisely, they’re redefining “truth.” Instead of using the long accepted and traditional definition of a mass shooting—four or more people killed in a single event that is not a familicide, terrorist attack, or a gang-related event—they silently and arbitrarily switched to completely different definition created by a self-described anti-gun propagandist.

Now, when Pookie does a drive by of a rival gang and wounds Miguel, Jose, and Clarence, but Clarence gets a round off in return and wings Pookie, that’s now a “mass shooting.”

Yes, the Associated Press, New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News and other news outlets have quietly accepted the lies of “Mass Shooting Tracker” as legitimate to push a liberal anti-gun agenda, we can now have dozens of “mass shootings” in a week without a single death.

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