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By Ammoland

Wattozz Weapon

Editors Note: We try to never edit press releases and that is the case with this one from our new friends from Turkey. There is a lot we could say on this one, but we will leave that to our readers. We just bring you the news as we find it… let the comments flow. (trigger discipline for one,,, cough)

TURKEY – -( Taser, a conducted electrical weapon used by more than 1 million police officers in many countries of the world, became the rival of the Wattozz Weapon, whose production was finished. The videos of the groundbreaking weapon that has superior features compared to Taser have been served to the press!

The Wattozz weapon was developed wirelessly!

Taser weapon, aging cable technology caused serious injuries in recent years on the grounds that was very controversial. There are dozens of reports by Amnesty International that Taser has suffered serious injuries. Unlike the Taser weapon, the Wattoz weapon, which is produced wirelessly and has a lot of superior features compared to its rival, is almost certain to break the 25-year monopoly of its rival Taser and to dominate the world market.

Could not be targeted with Taser weapon!

Using Taser …Read the Rest

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