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Grove City Police Minor

Cape Coral Police responded a 911 call recently, one that ended as a woman attacks officers by throwing a large a chunk of concrete. Body cam footage shows the woman ignore repeated attempts to speak to the responding officer before the incident finally escalates.


VIDEO: Grove City Police Officer Disarms 12-Year-Old With Knife at Throat

The suspect, later identified as Jessica C. Blick, reportedly called 911, requesting an ambulance, according to a police report. As a result, the responding officer found Blick outside a Family Dollar holding a “rock” in one hand, a cellphone in the other.

After a responding officer made contact and attempted to speak with Blick to ascertain her state, the suspect reportedly moved away and ignored the officer. Concerned for the suspect’s welfare, the officer repeatedly attempts communication with Blick, asking her numerous times to drop the rock, as seen in the video.

The video further shows a second responding officer attempt to subdue the suspect from behind. But Blick see the advancing officer, and feigns several threats to throw the rock before finally doing so. Meanwhile, the first officer fails two times to subdue Blick with …Read the Rest

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