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By Tactical-Life

When some people see the XM42, the immediate reaction is, “WANT!” While others cry out, “Why?” Those who cry out “Why?” are usually the type who don’t understand why you would need an AR, why own more than one gun and why you would want a totally awesome fire-breathing flamethrower from an American company.

The XM42 was conceived from American dreamers at The Ion Productions Team. It is the WORLD’s FIRST commercially available flamethrower. And quite frankly, this thing is badass. It melts ice, starts bonfires, eliminates weeds with extreme prejudice, does controlled burns (not suggested in urban environments), and can light your friend’s cigar and melt his face (not recommended).

This is a fire-breathing representation of what American freedom is. If you’re still asking yourself “why” and just don’t get it, maybe you would be better served if you took up quilting and started a cat collection.

Look for a full review — and find out how many cameras and cameramen we melted — of the XM42 in the upcoming ‘Ballistic’ summer 2017 issue. To subscribe, visit

Stay toasty!

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