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Naked Man

Orange County Sheriff’s Office Deputies encountered a strange police shootout recently in Florida. Officer body cam footage captured the scene, as did the suspect’s phone via Instragram Livestream. The suspect filmed the encounter with officers as he appears to open fire, causing the police shootout.


WATCH: LAPD Officers Shoot, Kill Naked Man Armed With 9-Inch Knife

The incident began when officers responded to a 911 call after the suspect, 23-year-old Laforest Gray, allegedly attacked his wife Rachel. According to witness reports, the suspect followed his wife, who had gotten in a passerby’s car, seeking help from Gray.

“Laforest Gray followed her to the car, opened the door and dragged her out, punching her and ignoring the driver’s demands that he leave, the affidavit states. Another witness described seeing Laforest Gray drag his wife down the street by her hair toward their apartment,” said a report by

Instagram Police Shootout

Deputy Kyle Brenard arrived first on the scene. He claims Gray kept a hand hidden from view through much of the encounter, while ignoring commands to show his hands. Meanwhile, Gray live-streamed as more officers arrived on scene, challenging police to “pull …Read the Rest

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