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By Brandon Curtis

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA — A retired police officer waited inside her home, armed and ready, when a woman began banging on her door and windows in the middle of the night. It was all caught on camera, and the retired police officer is just happy that she didn’t need to shoot anyone.

“She said that her friend lived here and obviously I told her to leave,” said Christine Paul. “It was a very traumatizing incident it’s not anything anybody wants to face at any time.”

Paul says the woman paced back and forth for 15 minutes on her porch, banging on her door and her windows.

As soon as Paul told the woman she had a gun, she begins to retreat, directly towards responding officers.

“I came very close to shooting her and I don’t think she or her family realized that I mean it’s something nobody wants to do.”

The woman was arrested and charged with vandalism. Alcohol is believed to have played a key role in this incident, and let it remind us all that we should always be in control of our actions. Had this woman made entry into the home, she may not be around anymore.

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