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By Tactical Life

An Athens-Clarke Police officer shot a man who attacked with a machete.

WARNING: This video contains graphic content; viewer discretion is advised.

When a woman refused to comply with officer commands and charged with a knife, an Athens-Clarke County Police officer took a torso shot, dropping the suspect. Officer body camera footage captured the entire scene, one that ultimately proved fatal for the assailant.


WATCH: Athens-Clarke Police Officer Drops Machete-Swinging Suspect

Torso Shot Stops Suspect

The incident began when Officer Lamar Glenn responded to a reported “unspecified 911 call.” Additional reports told of a suspect brandishing both a gun and a knife. Upon arrival, Glenn finds the suspect, Bonny Thomas, standing in front of a residence, knife in hand.

“I think she’s flagging me down here,” Glenn says in the body cam footage, as he first approaches in his cruiser. “She’s got a knife in her hand.”

“I have a gun and a knife,” the suspect says, walking toward the officer.

Footage shows Glenn exit his squad car and immediately begin asking the suspect to drop the knife. Glenn remained remarkably calm, despite the woman’s advances. Then when the woman gets to close, Glenn fires one well-aimed shot, center mass. The knife goes flying across the pavement, …Read the Rest

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