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Lafayette Police Friendly Fire, Body Cam

A Shively Police officer shot a man recently following an extended chase through a Kentucky neighborhood outside Louisville. Moreover, the suspect brandished a loaded pistol after ignoring officer warnings.


WATCH: Officer Shot in Back by Friendly Fire After Dog Charges LE

The chase began after officers responded to calls from several residents describing a suspicious man going in and out of yards throughout the neighborhood. After officers responded, the suspect, identified as 26-year-old Terry L. Sams, fled through neighborhood yards, and the chase was on, according to a story posted by

Officer body cam footage shows an officer, identified by as Steve Becker, an 11-year veteran, cutting through yards and hopping fences in pursuit. Further, footage shows Becker catch up to Sams, ordering the suspect to show his hands. But Sams responds with obscenities and allegedly pointed a gun at Becker.

Then footage clearly shows Becker engage the suspect with several shots, putting the suspect down.

“An officer never, never wants to fire his weapon,” said Shively Police Chief Kevin Higdon, according to “He just wants to come in and do his job and go home. That’s what every …Read the Rest

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