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Dallas Police Chase

A frightening scene erupted recently when a disgruntled father pulled a gun on two officers outside a school in Oregon. During the struggle, one of the officers responded by shooting the suspect in the the head, according to body cam footage posted by The Oregonian.


WATCH: Dallas Police Take Down Suspect That Thinks He’s Escaped

According to a story on, 30-year-old Charles Landeros got involved in a custodial dispute with his ex-wife at the child’s school. After enrolling the child without the mother’s knowledge, the school called Landeros and school resource officer Steve Timm. The resource officer called the police after learning the situation was a custodial dispute, according to the report.

The video picks up with both officers asking Landeros to exit the building. However, the father proved unwilling.

“The police do not have jurisdiction over here. The principal has not asked me to leave,” Landeros says, before turning and attempting to walk away from the officers.

“As the offices were trying to get Landeros to leave the building, the child walked into the hallway. Landeros started yelling at the child to ‘go,’ according to the DA’s office,” as reported …Read the Rest

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