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By Tactical Life

In case you haven’t watched it in a while, the opening scenes of “Lone Survivor” remain some of the best in cinema. And Hollywood had little to do with it. A montage, set to music, shows actual footage of recruits attempting to survive the Navy SEAL’s infamous BUD/s training. It’s simply beautiful in its grit. It stuns with its near impossibility of survival. Finally, it pulls at the heart strings as it culminates with young men accomplishing the most impossible task. In the end, it’s simply three minutes of masterpiece for any military junky. And from the opening scene, it features the legendary instructor Terence Patstone.


Navy Captain Pleads for Help Aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt

Navy SEAL Instructor Patstone

Patstone is to the Navy SEALs what the Gunny R. Lee Ermey is to the Marine Corps. And while Ermey was truly a Marine Drill Instructor, his famous character, Gunnery Sgt. Hartman in Stanley Kubric’s seminal “Full Metal Jacket,” though based on the real McCoy, is nevertheless just a character.

Instructor Patstone came into our living rooms not by playing a character. Instead, Patstone unveiled the true workings of SEAL training, in the flesh, …Read the Rest

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