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Cops don’t like it when you ignore their commands, but they really don’t like it when you grab their Tasers. A Florida man learned that lesson the hard way when he snatched a Miami-Dade police officer’s Taser, and ended up getting shot in the legs and arrested. A body cam video showing the encounter can be seen above.


WATCH: Florida Cop Uses Taser on Rape, Kidnapping Suspect

Miami-Dade Police Try To Assist Jahmal Parker

ABC affiliate WPLG says it all started when 29-year-old Jahmal Parker’s minivan collided with another vehicle on U.S. 1 in the Florida Keys at around noon on March 29. The collision caused Parker’s minivan to flip over and land halfway in water by the side of highway. A group of good samaritans rescued Parker from his partially submerged minivan.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officer arrived soon after and tried to help Parker, but the Sun-Sentinel says he was “uncooperative” and began to walk away from the scene. That’s when the officer called for backup, and two Miami-Dade police officers pulled up. One of the officers was identified as Ronald Neubauer, 54, a 27-year veteran of …Read the Rest

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