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By Van Harl

Gander Mountain Gun Safes

By Major Van Harl

Other Guns Safes at Gander Mountain sat by and watched.
Major Van Harl USAF Ret
Major Van Harl USAF Ret

Wisconsin –-( The local Gander Mountain store is going belly up in Franklin, Wisconsin. I was in there trying to find some deals. Knocking 15% off of something that is way over priced is not really a deal.

As I was getting ready to leave an older man ran up to the gun counter and told the associate to stop what he was doing. The older man’s grandson was locked inside one of the gun safes on display. You could kind of see the exasperation on the face of the associate.

At first I was not even going to pay attention, I was still looking for that phantom sale and good deal. Then the crowd started to form around the safe and then the police and fire fighters showed up.

The Gander Mountain associates were trying to get the electronic key pad lock system to open the safe but it had been “messed” with too many times. You see there were two dumb ass brothers. The older fourteen-ish looking one crawled inside the safe …Read the Rest

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