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By Brandon Curtis

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Any loss of life is tragic, and it’s something that we never want to see. When the lives of others are in danger, however, there is sometimes the need to defend oneself against that threat.

A man who was shot and killed by police had hundreds of protesters come out, and they’re not happy with the police action.

The man killed, identified as 37-year-old Harith Augustus, was a barber and father to a 5-year-old girl. Police confirmed that Augustus had a FOID card that allows him to own a pistol, but that he did not possess a concealed carry license with the state.

The video of the incident, without audio, can be viewed below:

At the beginning of the video, Augustus can be seen retrieving what looks to be a wallet from his back pocket. He could have been getting his ID for officers or his FOID card, but that is not yet known. What is known is that things escalated quickly right after this happened.

Police have maintained that they shot Augustus only after he reached for a weapon under his shirt. The bodycam footage of the incident shows at least four officers …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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