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lapd shooting victor arroyo

An officer with the Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland has been cleared of any wrongdoing over the fatal shooting of a man who attacked him multiple times in what looks to be a “suicide by cop” situation.


VIDEO: LAPD Officers Shoot Knife-Wielding Man Charging at Father


Officer Anand Badgujar, 32—and a two-year veteran of the department—was on patrol in Silver Spring when he observed a man later identified as 41-year-old Robert White walking down Three Oaks Drive. Badgujar’s attorney later said his attention was drew to White due to a “large rip in the fabric on the upper back of his outer garment, and because he abruptly moved his right hand to the right side of his body. As Officer Badgujar passed Three Oaks Drive, Robert White continued to stare at the marked police vehicle as it traveled on Sligo Creek Parkway.”

When White noticed Badgujar’s vehicle, he changed directions and then “bladed his right side away from Officer Badgujar and thrust his right hand into his right jacket/hoodie pocket while raising his right shoulder.” After he this, White started walking faster while looking over his shoulder at Badgujar.

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