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Denver Shootout, Denver Police officer shot, Denver Police department, handgun

Deputies from the Colorado-based Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) were forced to shoot and kill a man who drew a pistol during a traffic stop.

The DCSO recently released body camera and vehicle footage of the incident. Watch the footage above.


WATCH: Police Officer Shot in Leg, Kills Suspect in Denver Shootout

Colorado Deputies Forced to Fire

On Aug. 31 at approximately 4:41 p.m., two deputies initiated a traffic stop after a vehicle made an unsafe turn right in front of them on Highway 85 approximately 20 miles south of Denver. According to police, the vehicle was occupied by two adult females and two adult males.

Upon investigation, police learned the female driver “was the restrained party listed in a protection order protecting a male.” That male, identified as 61-year-old Paul Askins, matched the description of the right rear passenger.

Police questioned Askins, whom they said was uncooperative in providing his legal name.

After several failed attempts to identify him, deputies asked Askins to step out of the vehicle. When he did, police said Askins emerged with a pistol pointed at deputies.

As the video shows, the deputies quick drew their sidearms and shot Askins …Read the Rest

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