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Oregon Officer Responds

Officers from the Lufkin Police Department in Texas rescued a tiny kitten recently. Moreover, the Lufkin Police officers showed a bit of ingenuity, employing a blanket to safely catch the feline as it dropped from a tree branch. Also, body cam footage captured the entire rescue mission.


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Lufkin Police Responds

According to a post on the Lufkin Police Department Facebook page, Officers Devin Trotti and Randy Stallard arrived on scene to find a kitten stuck 30-feet up in a tree. Prior to arrival, another kitten, presumably a sibling, had already fallen to its death. So the officers sprang into action.

The post goes on to say the rescue mission lasted 10 minutes. Also, in true MacGyver fashion, officers used crime scene tape and a blanket during the rescue. Footage shows the officers work in tandem to position a blanket beneath the kitten. Meanwhile, one officer shakes the branch, forcing the cat to drop free. Above all, the kitten lands safely into the soft confines of the field expedient blanket.

Officers named the kitten “Trotti” and transported the cat to the local Kurth Memorial Animal …Read the Rest

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