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Taurus TX22

Taurus recently announced the release of its newest rimfire pistol, the TX22. Moreover, Taurus bills the TX22 as a versatile rimfire that delivers out-of-the-box-ready competition features.


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Taurus TX22 Features

Taurus designed the TX22 as a full-size polymer handgun to fit, function and work for shooters of all statures. Also, the company says the pistol excels shooters with various levels of experience as well. Because the pistol exhibits features common to larger-caliber semi-autos, Taurus claims the pistol “redefines performance standards, magazine capacity, and the overall experience across the .22LR handgun category.”

“The all-new TX22 meets the expectations of competitive-level shooters while providing the ideal platform for smaller-framed and beginning shooters and it does so at price point that fits every budget,” Taurus said in a recent company release.

The Taurus TX22 features a single-action-only striker-fired system. Also, a 16-round magazine capacity delivers ample firepower. Meanwhile, a short, 5-pound trigger pull helps users stay on target. Taurus claims the trigger to be crisp, with a “custom trigger feel.”

The company further claims it optimized slide weight for minimal recoil and fast target reacquisition. This is an important distinction in …Read the Rest

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