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An officer with the Seagoville Police Department in Texas heroically rescued a family from a burning home over the weekend.


WATCH: NYPD Officer Saves Suicidal Man on RFK Bridge

Burning Home Rescue

NBC 5 says Officer Sam Click was on patrol early on Saturday, Aug. 25 when he saw the garage of a duplex home on fire. He then noticed that the fire was starting to engulf the home, where a dad and six young children were asleep.

Click pulled up to find neighbor Shelby Hood standing outside screaming for that family to wake up. Hood says she first saw the fire through her blinds, at which point she quickly went outside.

“I see like a flash of light, I pulled the blinds down and I freaked, I lost it,” Hood told KXAS. “By the time I got here, the heat was so hot and the flames were so loud I couldn’t hear myself screaming.”

Hood managed to wake up Jeremy Giblaint, who lived in a unit attached to the duplex. Giblaint is also the brother-in-law of the father trapped inside the burning home with his family.

Click’s body camera footage, seen above, shows …Read the Rest

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