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Volusia County Sheriff Windshield

Body cam footage shows a Gastonia police officer unintentionally shoot a woman during an encounter in North Carolina. The recently released footage shows a scene that took place in July, as reported by the Gaston Gazzette.


WATCH: Volusia County Sheriff Shoots Through Cruiser Windshield

Officer Stephen Whisnant, a rookie with the Gastonia Police Department, initially pursued an allegedly armed suspect, Jarvis Lynn, according to the Gaston Gazette. Footage shows the suspect run from Whisnant, while the officer yells “let me see your hands.”

The suspect fled into the house, Whisnant pursued, and the officer’s gun went off as he entered the home. The bullet struck Brittany Lynn in the left breast, according to the report.

Footage clearly illustrates Officer Whisnant saying “my finger slipped.” He is distraught over his negligent discharge, taking several moments to recover. But he does so after talking to fellow officers, returning to the business at hand.

This situation also clearly illustrates how paramount firearm safety is at all times. The shot appears to have been fired as the officer opens the door while pursuing the suspect.

Officer Accidentally Shoots Woman: What Went Wrong

Officer Whisnant, as heard over the …Read the Rest

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