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By Tactical Life

Federal HammerDown is designed to reliably feed in lever-action rifles.

Traditions and Federal Premium partnered recently, and the fruit of that collaboration might just represent the biggest advancement in muzzleloading since the inline system. The new Federal FireStick, and the Traditions muzzleloaders that load it, truly represent new ground. In short, the system drastically eases the loading process, potentially making shooters more accurate than ever before.


Federal HammerDown: Designed to Cycle, Perform in Lever-Action Rifles

Federal Firestick

The Federal FireStick is a pre-measured, self-contained powder charge. It consist of a polymer capsule precisely filled, using strict specifications at Federal’s ammunition plant. It delivers an exact charge of the all-new, ultra-clean black powder substitute, Hodgdon Triple 8 granular powder. The sealed capsule utilizes a breakable front section (cap) that completely encases the power charge.

The primary benefit of the FireStick is safety, according to Federal. But the convenience and accuracy potential jumps out to any veteran muzzleloader. It also delivers ease of cleaning, simplicity and more.

Operation of the FireStick system proves simple. First, the bullet loads from the muzzle, seating on top of a bullet shelf inside the barrel. The shooter then opens the break-open action. The FireStick installs into the open breech to …Read the Rest

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