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Lakemoor Police Shooting, Briana Tedesco, Anthony Loiacono, Kenneth Martell

Suspect: “Yeah, I think I’m in the clear.” Dallas Police: “Nope.”

Sometimes the bad guys gets away. Whether they outsmart authorities or just get lucky, sometimes law enforcement fails to get their guy. That’s apparently just what a suspect in Dallas thought recently, after authorities backed off the chase, turned it over to Dallas Air One, and waited. And just when the alleged bad guy thought he was free, game over.


Watch: Suspect Pulls Gun on Lakemoor Police Officer, Gets Shot in Head

The Dallas police chase began at a traffic stop in Garland, according to video released by Footage picks up when a man gets out of a minivan outside a 7 Eleven in Dallas. The newscaster explains how Garland police initiated the chase, then backed off. The video’s narrator claimed he believed authorities backed off the chase due to schools dismissing in the area, and the potential for children on the streets. Then the Dallas Air One police helicopter took over the chase, following the suspect until he walked into the store after sitting for five minutes, according to Fox4news.

Dallas Police Spring Trap

“Then he casually gets out, …Read the Rest

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