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By Brandon Curtis

SARASOTA, FLORIDA — A few hops and a skip from where we’re located, a brazen shooting took place outside a meat market that left one injured, and also left police searching for a suspect.

In the video, you see a man exit the market with a gun in his hand. He steps back from the group before getting closer to one individual and opening fire, shooting several times.

The victim runs away, as does the suspect, with the gun visible in the suspect’s hand. The victim suffered minor injuries.


When things happen closer to home, it resonates a little more.

“What? Not in my town/city/etc. That kind of stuff doesn’t happen here.” That’s not me saying this. It’s just a lot of other people.

Here’s the video of the incident;

Truth be told, we report on crimes like this in large cities as well as in the middle of nowhere.

It’s everywhere, because bad people roam the entire earth.

What do we do to avoid these things? For one, we try and stay out of areas …Read the Rest

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