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By Tactical Life

Douglas Linn Hickok, Coronavirus American Military Casualty

There must be something in the water out in Oregon. With the world seemingly metaphorically on fire of late, good news comes from the beaver state. A pair of WW II veterans, one 95, the other 104 years old, inexplicably slew the dragon that is COVID-19.


Coronavirus Claims First American Military Casualty in New Jersey Guard

Oregon WWII Veterans Beat COVID-19

Most folks have seen the headlines by now concerning patients of this type of advanced age. Doctors in Italy famously made choices on treating those over 70. Older people, with severely compromised immune systems, or underlying medical conditions, they just couldn’t make it. So experts considered COVID-19 all but a death sentence for patients over 80, let alone 90, or 100!

But Bill Kelly, 95, and William Lapschies, 104, both survived COVID-19. Just like they both survived the Great Depression. They each beat down the coronavirus. Just like they beat the Nazis and the Japanese in World War II. And for Lapschies, born in 1916, he even outlasted the Spanish flu of 1918, the last major pandemic to rip through America. That pandemic killed at least 50 million …Read the Rest

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