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By Tom Knighton

Washington state recently passed I-1639, a virtual smorgasbord of gun control measures that make little sense. This includes the fact that an “assault weapon” ban apparently went into effect January 1st, but the definition of an “assault weapon” won’t until July, making the ban effectively meaningless.

But the state isn’t done with anti-gun proposals, either. Not by a long shot (pun fully intended).

Following the November ballot that saw Washington state voters approve a sweeping gun control initiative, Democrats will be pushing for further regulation during the upcoming legislative session.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson has released his legislative requests for the 2019 session, which include three provisions on gun regulation. These included restrictions on magazine size, banning the sale of assault-style weapons, and prohibiting untraceable guns and guns that cannot be detected by a metal detector. Democrats have already pre-filed bills in both the House and the Senate to address magazine size and untraceable guns.

Similar bills in Legislature are proposing to ban the sale of high-capacity magazines, which can hold more than 10 rounds. Standard magazines for rifles like the AR-15 or AK-47 often hold 30 rounds, while novelty magazines can hold up to 100 rounds. If the bills …Read the Rest

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