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By Cam Edwards

Image courtesy of “I’m Right With Jesse Kelly”

I joined Jesse Kelly on his new show “I’m Right with Jesse Kelly” on Pluto TV’s new channel The First on Tuesday to discuss a pretty weird “red flag” case out of Washington State. An avowed neo-Nazi who allegedly heads the Washington chapter of a domestic terrorism group had his firearms seized after law enforcement convinced a judge that he was a danger to himself or others, despite not having been charged with any sort of crime.

In the civil paperwork, prosecutors and the FBI convinced a judge that “Kaleb Cole poses a serious threat to public safety by having access and possession to firearms and a concealed pistol license.”

The judge issued an order requiring Cole to surrender all firearms to the police.

According to Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, it was the FBI that actually initiated the process.

“The fact is the federal government came to us. There’s no other mechanism like our firearms unit that’s in existence. There’s no one else in the state that’s doing this,” said Holmes.

It’s the first time the Feds have sought an ERPO in Washington state, and it’s believed to be one of …Read the Rest

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