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By Bob Owens

We wrote Monday about the student who fired two shots into the air in a Lacey, Washington high school before being tackled by a teacher and subdued. We speculated at the time about the origins of the handgun:

It will be interesting to see where the young man acquired the pistol, since he was far too young to acquire one legally.

I’m going to play the odds, and guess that it was a firearm that his parents kept for self-protection, probably hidden on a closet shelf instead of locked up in a fast-opening, keypad-operated gun safe as it should have been.

We can now confirm that our hunch was correct, and that the boy’s father did not keep the handgun safely stored, even though the 16-year-old had a criminal record.

The charges filed Wednesday include theft of a firearm, felony harassment, unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm on school property and illegally discharging a firearm. Arraignment is scheduled for May 11.

Senior Deputy Prosecutor Wayne Graham said these charges carry a standard sentencing range of six to 12 months, but that doesn’t include potential firearms enhancements. Graham anticipates there will be further charges filed once the investigation is …read more

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