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By Tom Knighton

One doesn’t expect the Washington Post to present unbiased reporting. That’s not its way. Not these days, at least.

That’s why I shouldn’t be surprised it’s fully supportive of red flag laws.

While singing the praised of Maryland’s law, however, it missed something.

Maryland courts have seized guns from 148 people in the three months since the state enacted a law designed to take weapons from people who are danger to themselves or others.

Four of the gun owners posed “significant threats” to schools, an official told state lawmakers Tuesday.

Montgomery County Sheriff Darren M. Popkin (D), who has helped train police officers across the state about the “red-flag” law, said he could not provide details about the gun seizures — including those that could have led to school shootings — because of a confidentiality rule.

But, Popkin told the House Judiciary Committee, “these orders . . . are saving lives.”

Maryland is one of at least nine states, including California, Connecticut and Delaware, that allow a relative, spouse, legal guardian or roommate to seek a court order to keep a person from possessing a gun.

The Washington Post failed to mention the one death attributed to Maryland’s red flag law.

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