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By Tom Knighton

The National Rifle Association has been vilified by pretty much every left-leaning politician for months now. Somehow, an organization doing what its members demand is somehow evil, and the group becomes worthy of scorn.

Even when the NRA is barely involved in something, it seems anti-gun crusaders feel justified in fighting its activities just because there’s some flimsy tie between the organization and whatever else.

In this case, we have the governor of Washinton refusing to sign marksmanship awards–something every other governor in the country does–because the event was registered with the NRA.

Governor Inslee is doing something unbelievably petty.

Back in 1903, there was a group that started in our nation called the Civilian Marksmanship Program. They would get together and have shooting competitions. It was for a while under the auspices of the Department of Defense. Here in Washington, they have a couple of groups that go and compete in marksmanship — the Washington State Rifle and Pistol Association, and the Washington State Police Pistol Association.

This organization always holds an annual banquet, where the top shooters — both civilians and law enforcement officers — are given certificates signed by the governor. Most states …Read the Rest

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