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By Brandon Curtis

LUFKIN, TEXAS — A body cam and dash cam video were released that show a chilling crime taking place, and also shows a police officer stopping the vicious attack.

As (Officer Black) Witherspoon arrives on scene, he witnesses 40-year-old Epthen Johnson crouching over another man. Witherspoon instantly recognized that Johnson was stabbing the other man, and repeatedly told him to show his hands. Witherspoon fired 3 shots as the attacker continued to stab at the mans neck and head.

A 4th shot was fired, and the attacker was down. The officer waited for backup to arrive and tried to keep the victim as calm as possible.

Blood tests were done on Johnson and showed him to be high on PCP, as well as having marijuana in his system.

This is truly a horrific scene to come upon. However if it weren’t for the officer’s quick decision making and use of his firearm, the attack would have continued until the victim was killed.

The victim, 32-year-old Jose Isabel Rodriguez Jr., was treated at the hospital for several injuries to his head and neck.

Guns saving lives.

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