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By Brandon Curtis

In a world where some people do unspeakable things, it’s good to know that we sometimes have the ability to stop them from continuing whatever devastating act they’re trying to accomplish. An officer in Las Vegas was responding to reports of a woman being stabbed outside, and that officer got there just in time.

Sgt. Daniella Cino responded to reports of suspect William Fuller stabbing a woman, who appeared to be the man’s girlfriend. The altercation took place in a parking lot of a Las Vegas apartment complex. When the officer ordered him to stop, he instead charged at her. Cino fatally shot Fuller. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for her injuries.

It seems that the victim in this case made it out with her life, and it’s a good thing that someone saw what was happening and called police.

The video can be seen below. Be warned that is is graphic and unsettling.

The person who called police was a female neighbor, and she desperately asked for help after witnessing the horrific attack.

She said the attack began inside the apartment before the victim managed to …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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