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By Brandon Curtis

I see a lot of graphic and gory content on the internet, which sadly comes with the task of covering many self-defense stories. This story and video does not have gore or blood, but it sure is enough to get the blood of any decent human being boiling.

In the video, two teenagers can be seen calling over an elderly laundromat attendant for help with a change machine. The man is seen on video approaching them and by the looks of his body language, he’s annoyed with their presence.

Then, a third teen comes up behind the man with a rifle.

That’s when things turn from ugly to disgusting, and this elderly man does not have many options at his disposal to help him fend off these despicable kids.

Authorities confirmed 71-year-old Ted Cook died from his injuries Saturday night.

Officials with the Clarksville Police Department said he had been in the hospital since three juveniles kicked and hit him repeatedly with the butt of a rifle during a robbery at a Super Suds Carwash and Laundry on Peachers Mill Road on May 30th.

“A lot of the customers really cared about Teddy – really loved him. And it’s hitting not just us really hard, but …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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