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By Micah Rate

AP Photo/Philip Kamrass

Every year the U.S. sees thousands of criminals commit crimes with firearms. At the same time, law-abiding gun owners, rather than abuse their Second Amendment right and cause harm, use theirs to protect themselves, loved ones, and even strangers. But how many times does a “good guy” with a gun stop a “bad guy” with (or without) a gun?

In a recent article published in The Washington Post, writer Christopher Ingraham attempts to answer that very question. After quoting National Rifle Association President Wayne LaPierre’s “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun,” Ingraham argues that people “rarely” use guns in acts of self-defense.

“The challenge to that argument is that, data show, guns are rarely used in self-defense — especially relative to the rate at which they’re used in criminal homicides or suicides,” he states.

Ingraham bases his claim off of a report on gun violence by the Violence Policy Center, a gun control advocacy group, and 2012 homicide data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Based on the data and his calculations, Ingraham presents what appears to be a …Read the Rest

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