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By Ammoland

WaPO Editorialist's Contempt For His Follow Countrymen Is All Too Apparent

By John Farnam

WaPO Editorialist’s Contempt For His Follow Countrymen Is All Too Apparent
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Sounding like a typical Democrat politician, an editorialist in VA recently said:

“I grew up shooting shotguns and rifles with my grandfather..,”

“I understand why people want firearms…,”

Then comes the inevitable punch-line:

“I do not believe, however, that there is any legitimate reason for ordinary citizens to own military-grade weapons…, yet these are somehow legal to be bought and to own.”

Ordinary?” He must be talking about all those “regular” Americans who are proudly self-reliant and want to be able to effectively defend themselves from armed criminals.

“Military-grade weapons” is a broad phrase. He would obviously ban Beretta 92F, and 1911-style pistols if he could.

My guns aren’t “somehow legal.” They ARE legal, and I don’t need the condescending “approval” of some leftist elitist to keep them!

But wait! There’s more:

“An AR-15 makes a lousy self-defense weapon, unless you are worried about guerillas invading your home…”

Actually, that is exactly what I’m worried about, and an AR/M4 makes a superb defensive weapon! I suspect this naive liberal editorialist has never so much as touched one, …Read the Rest

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