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By Robert Farago

Dimitri Karras used to run Ares Armor, makers of 80 percent lowers. The company was raided by the ATF. To make a long story short, click here for our posts on the Karras’ no-holds barred pro-gun agitation. Anyway, Dimitri was ousted from Ares. Now he’s taken to YouTube with his new Guntraband channel – proving that you can’t keep a gun rights absolutist down. In the video above . . .

Dimitri makes shotguns from Home Depot pipe, sells them at a gun buyback, sells the gift cards on Craig’s List for cash and donates the money to the Firearms Policy Coalition. Amongst other things. Clearly, we’ve not heard the last of this proud American. We’ve invited the man to write for TTAG. Watch this space.

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