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By Brandon Curtis

Photo courtesy Google Maps

TULSA, OKLAHOMA — A man is happy to be a concealed carrier after coming face to face with an armed robber at a Walgreens he was working at, and the end result was his need to fire a shot that killed the bad guy.

Pierce said the altercation began when the store clerk tried to verify that [William] Hurley was the rightful owner of the photographs, which had been in Walgreens’ possession for more than a year. Video from inside the store showed Hurley pull out a handgun, jump over the counter and grab the photos from the clerk while employees were trying to call police, Pierce said.

Via ABC News

The 52-year-old then appeared to be leaving with the photos, but he decided to come back straight towards the clerk.

That’s when the 28-year-old clerk drew his concealed carry firearm, for which he had a license to carry, and fired on Hurley.

The employee was not injured and was also not arrested because
“he was legally armed and that the evidence that we had at the scene supports a self-defense type of situation.”

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