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By Robert Farago

Waco shooting (courtesy

Let’s be clear. The Waco coroner has enough evidence to ID the exact caliber of the rounds that caused the fatal wounds of the nine bikers killed at the Twin Peaks biker rally. The so-called “final reports” released by Judge Walter H. “Pete” Peterson – provided by August 13 and just discovered by this writer – lack this critical information. Make the jump for the TV station’s summary, with toxicology reports omitted and links to the coroner’s individual reports inserted.

Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65, died of gunshot wounds from a medium-caliber weapon that fired a copper-jacketed bullet, the final autopsy report says.

One of the bullets entered the left side of his face, the other entered the right side of his back.

There was no soot or stippling associated with the wounds, indicating the bullets were fired from several feet away.


Matthew Mark Smith, 27, the youngest of the nine killed, suffered two gunshot wounds, one to the right side of his back and the other on the right side of his abdomen, the autopsy report said.

In Smith’s case toxicology showed evidence of marijuana in his system at the time of his death but …read more

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