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By Robert Farago

Do the enemies of firearms freedom ever get tired of manipulating data to further their civilian disarmament agenda? No. No they don’t. Because the facts are not on the side of gun control. So…the facts must die. A slow, lingering death, I might add. For example . . .

Vox’s very first stat — on America mass shootings in “public, populated paces” (?) vs. a carefully-picked selection of foreign countries — doesn’t reveal the criteria for a mass shooting and excludes gang violence and terrorism from the totals. So they’re just comparing psycho killer mass shootings.

And no wonder. The November Paris terrorist attacks left 130 people dead, just three shy of the total attributed to the U.S. and 129 more than the number “1” written next to France. Oh wait, the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in January of the same year left 11 dead. Mort la difference!

Oh, and what about Norway? Not on the chart. Maybe that’s because the Norway mass shooter killed 77 people. And we’re just :36 seconds into this piece of anti-gun agitprop. Hang on. I thought terrorist attacks were excluded from the totals. So why …Read the Rest

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