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It doesn’t get much easier than this. By clicking here, then scrolling down to click on “National Rifle Association – ILA (Lobbying Arm),” and “Submit Your Vote” at the bottom, you can help NRA-ILA win money from gun control supporters, which will help ILA fight for the right to arms. The gun control supporters have been ordered by a federal judge to pay nearly $112,000 to Tennessee ammunition vendor Lucky Gunner, one of several businesses against which the anti-gunners filed a frivolous lawsuit backed by the Brady Campaign’s legal arm, the Brady Center. Lucky Gunner has promised to donate the anti-gunners’ cash to the pro-gun organization receiving the most votes from the public. In their lawsuit, the anti-gunners tried to get past the NRA-supported Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) of 2005, which protects members of the firearm industry against legally groundless lawsuits designed to drive them out of business. Speaking to the importance of the PLCAA, nearly one-third of Americans’ firearms have been manufactured since it took effect. While other groups are in the running to receive the anti-gunners’ money, Michael Bloomberg’s says that the PLCAA was “passed with NRA’s strong backing” and, as they say …read more

Source:: NRA-ILA

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