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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Viridian Attends 2017 Wyoming Governor's Broadband Summit
Viridian Attends 2017 Wyoming Governor’s Broadband Summit

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -( Viridian Weapon Technologies recently participated in the 2017 Wyoming Governor’s Broadband Summit. The event featured panelists and hosts from the public and private sectors of cybersecurity, leading wireless companies and state and government law enforcement organizations.

Viridian was invited to provide perspective on new technologies relevant to public safety and the impact of data on government and law enforcement agencies. The featured topic of discussion was the FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Cameras (WMC).

Viridian General Counsel Matthew Plowman participated as a member of the Emerging Technology in Public Safety Panel. Fellow panelists included representatives from AT&T, Wyoming Department of Transportation and the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Conference attendees and the statewide audience watching the conference on live-stream by the State of Wyoming learned more about the key advantages of the FACT Duty WMCs and why the product is so relevant and important to public safety today.

A focus was put on Viridian’s proprietary INSTANT-ON technology that ensures the camera automatically begins recording when the weapon is removed from an officer’s holster. This feature eliminates the potential drawback of body cameras not being manually activated at critical times.

The audience also learned how WMCs provide an unobstructed …Read the Rest

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