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By John Crump

Red Flag Gun Grab Laws


Red Flag Gun Grab Laws

Richmond Virginia-( Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has unveiled his proposal for sweeping new gun control for the Commonwealth.

The Democrat sensing an opening introduced seven new measures at a press conference ahead of the new legislative session. These new gun control proposals are the most radical that Virginia has ever seen.

“We lose too many Virginians each year to senseless gun violence, and it is time we take meaningful steps to protect the health and safety of our citizens,” said Governor Northam. “I look forward to opening a dialogue with the General Assembly on this legislative package of reasonable gun violence reforms, which appropriately balances Second Amendment Rights with public safety.”

The first proposal is a new “red flag law.” A “red flag law” is a term for an extreme risk protection order (ERPO). An ERPO lets police take away a person’s guns without due process, killing some gun owners in the process.

Groups such as Gun Owners of America call these laws “gun confiscation orders.” Police go to a secret court to get the order. The gun owner is not present or even aware that police are seeking the right to take away their guns.

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