Posted December 12, 2019 6:23 am by Comments

By Chris Eger

In response to promised anti-gun bills muscled through by an all-Democrat state government next year, Virginia is center stage for grassroots 2A activism.
Although the Commonwealth is on its second Democrat governor who has pushed an agenda of gun control legislation, such moves have been repeatedly stymied in the past by Republicans in the state Senate. However, a push that included millions from gun control godfather Michael Bloomberg last month shifted polarity and Dems gained a slight majority in the General Assembly. This led to immediate promises of gun control when the 2020 session begins next month with over a dozen such bills– to include bans on popular semi-autos, gun rationing, and increased red tape– already pre-filed.
As a result, state pro-gun groups such as the Virginia Citizens Defense League have spearheaded efforts to establish Second Amendment Sanctuaries in counties and cities across the Commonwealth. The VCDL reports that more than 80 communities have adopted such resolutions in the past several weeks, many by unanimous votes. The resolutions would bar local resources to enforce gun control measures seen as a violation of the right to keep and bear arms. One sheriff even promised to “deputize thousands” of otherwise law-abiding citizens to preserve their


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