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By Andrew Shepperson

George Washington’s Mount Vernon (Photo: World Strides)
A Virginia gun rights group has decried the new firearms ban at George Washington’s estate in Mount Vernon, Virginia, and has urged its members to protest the policy.
The Washington Free Beacon reported that the Virginia Citizens Defense League sent an email to supporters Monday, asking them to call and email the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association , a non-profit organization which has owned and operated the estate since 1860. The letter encourages supporters to voice their displeasure with the policy and to urge the association to reverse it.
“George Washington is most certainly turning in his grave now that his beloved Mount Vernon has been turned into yet another dangerous ‘gun-free zone’ for all visitors,” VCDL President Philip Van Cleave told the Washington Free Beacon. “It amazes me how little some know about criminal or terrorist behavior. It is not in the nature of either to obey laws, much less somebody’s ‘policy.’ This policy should be reversed as an anathema to the very rights which Washington fought to protect.”
The MVLA said the new policy had been implemented at the beginning of 2017, and the Free Beacon reported that a change in the association’s prohibited items policy occurred sometime between Oct.


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