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By Dave Workman

Tens of thousands of citizens gathered in Richmond, adding new momentum to the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement now expanding across the country.

U.S.A.-( In the week since tens of thousands of Second Amendment activists descended on Richmond, Virginia to oppose a string of Democrat-sponsored gun control measures, the “Second Amendment Sanctuary” movement has added considerable momentum to a movement that was already well underway, according to The Hill.

No doubt more fuel will be added to that fire with the report from Oklahoma that Democrat State Rep. Jason Lowe “has filed a bill that would repeal permitless carry,” as revealed by KFOR News.

According to the report, Lowe justifies his effort contending, “I do not want the citizens of Oklahoma to feel unsafe. I do not want a mass shooting to take place in the State of Oklahoma.”

It is not clear how a proposed repeal of Oklahoma’s “constitutional carry” statute would prevent a mass shooting. Indeed, up in Washington State in the wake of a rush-hour shooting incident in downtown Seattle last week that left seven wounded and one woman dead, anti-gunners there are also pushing various gun control measures by exploiting the incident. Evergreen …Read the Rest

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