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By Tom Knighton

As a gun-owning parent, there’s something special about taking your kids shooting. I still remember when my father took me to the range the first time. I was so small I couldn’t hold his Smith & Wesson .38 revolver, so he had to wrap his hands around mine. I can still hear his voice telling me how to line up the sights and then to squeeze the trigger.

The first time that bad boy went off, I thought I’d shot a cannon…one full of adrenaline that coursed through my whole body.

I couldn’t help but think of this when I watched this video this morning.

It’s absolutely adorable to watch this little girl’s excitement as she works the bolt and hits the target, Dad holding the weapon to keep it safe. It’s a great thing.

Not everyone agrees, however.

“I’m all for teaching kids to be safe with guns and to know how to behave around them, but if they’re too young to eve hold the gun properly then they’re too young to shoot it in my opinion,” one viewer commented, Daily Mail reported. “Yes, he’s teaching her the right things, but if something …Read the Rest

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