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By Johannes Paulsen

Photo credit: Zoe Marks, via

As RF mentioned a few months ago, Whole Foods has taken a position against its patrons exercising their Second Amendment rights in their stores. Indeed, according to HuffPo, this policy has been quietly in place since the turn of the century. Alas, the whole ‘ban customers from carrying firearms to keep them safe’ angle seems to have failed rather spectacularly last week in an Oakland, California store where a customer was violently attacked — by one of the store’s own security guards . . . reports that the police investigation is still ongoing, but that a witness named Zoe Marks, claimed that the attack seemed unprovoked.

Zoe Marks, a Seattle native and lecturer in African studies at Edinburgh University who’s visiting in Oakland, posted Facebook and Twitter accounts of what she described as a “horrific” incident….

Marks said in an interview Friday that the incident appeared to begin when the man had some difficulty buying groceries with an electronic benefit card, or EBT — a form of payment issued to food stamp recipients. She said she was standing in a checkout line but didn’t overhear the exchange that led to …read more

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