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By Chris Eger

Lithuania received some 40,000 M14s in the 1990s and is upgrading some for use as DMRs (Photo: Lithuanian Armed Forces)
A NATO ally is busy upgrading their classic M14 battle rifles to keep them in service for future generations.
The Lithuanian military recently announced they have taken possession of 400 modified M14s for use by the country’s Army and National Defense Volunteer Forces, the latter roughly equal to the U.S. Army National Guard. The improved guns are built to what the Baltic country describes as the M14 L1 standard for use as a designated marksman rifle.
(Photo: Lithuanian Armed Forces)
This includes Czech-made Meoptia ZD 1-4x22mm RD optics and M1A mounts provided by Sadlak Manufacturing in the U.S.
According to local media, the initiative has been in the works since 2016 and the first batch of reworked rifles will go to arm one marksman per squad in the Aukstaitija light infantry brigade, a new reserve unit formed in 2017. A further 500 rifles will go to the NDVF.
The guns will be used by designated marksmen at the squad-level in selected reserve units. (Photo: Lithuanian Armed Forces)
The country received upwards of 40,000 surplus M14s in 1999 from the U.S. as military aid and has since utilized


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